The history of the neighbourhood restaurant

Weeruska has a colourful history. The neighbourhood restaurant has changed as Alppila has developed and the customers have changed, but the best traditions are still embraced. On our menu, you can find long-term favourites that both old and new customers enjoy.

Kaaren Baari opens up in Alppila:
hearty food 7 days a week.

Misfortune after another:
the restaurant is badly burnt.

A vibrant decade:
the bar finally becomes fully licensed,
the famous 5-Mark buffet lures customers and
daytime and evening dances are arranged in the hall.

A change of owners takes place and Weeruska is born:
the classic dishes stay on the menu, but the
supply expands with the customer base.

Delicious future prospects

Nowadays, neighbourhood restaurant Weeruska is buzzing from lunch time until late evening. The tables are full of lively chatter and food-lovers of all ages. Hearty food will be served at Weeruska also in the future, but we also have many happenings – follow the current events and like Weeruska on Facebook to keep up to date!