Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Our delicious menu invites you to enjoy. Enjoy on site or on the terrace or pick up food directly from Weeruska. Home delivery is conveniently done by ordering through Wolt or Foodora.

Weeruska's menus have been designed with a wide range of preferences in mind, but still remain true to our style. We use high-quality, fresh ingredients from which we make truly tasty and filling dishes. Welcome to delicious food in Weeruska, Alppila!


Escargots á la Weeruska (L, *) 12,50 €
Escargots gratinated with Peltolan Blue cheese and garlic-herb butter, served with toasted bread

Gampas Pil Pil (D,*) 13,00 €
Scampi (MSC) in hot chili-garlic oil served with bread

Country fries with chipotle mayonnaise or basil mayonnaise (D, G) 4,50 €

Chili marinated Kalamata olives (V,D,G) 3,00 €

Weeruska´s garlic bread (D) 3,50 €

Green salad with vinaigrette (V,D,G) 9,50 €


Main courses

Fried vendaces (L) 19,90 €
Rye flour  breaded vendaces fried with butter
served with mashed potatos, lemon,
sour cream and dill sauce

Wiener Schnitzel (L) 20,50 €
Breaded pork cutlet (180g), lemon, capers, anchovy and mashed potatoes

Weeruska´s burger (L, *) 21,00 €
Grilled Finnish 200 g Black Angus patty,
cheddar from Jukolan juusto, pickled cucumber, salad, bacon and onion compote, tomato, chipotle mayonnaise and country fries

Vegan burger (V, D, *) 21,00 €
Vegan pea protein patty, marinated Portobello mushroom, vegan goat cheese, salad, semi-dried-tomatoes, basil mayonnase and country fries

Chicken BBQ (D, G) 20,50 €
Grilled chicken breast BBQ, coleslaw salad, root vegetable fries and chipotle mayonnaise

Roasted fish of the day (L,G) 26,50 €
Skåne potatoes with chantarelles and seasonal vegetables

Pepper steak 150g of beed tenderloin (L,G) 34,00 €
Creamy pepper sauce, garlic-rosemary potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Surf and Turf 150g of beef tenderloin with scampi (L,G) 44,00 €
Lobster butter, garlic-rosemary potatoes and seasonal vegetables


All pizzas inc. tomato sauce and pizza cheese.

Margherita (LL, *) 14,50 €
Buffalo mozzarella and basil

Diavola (LL, *) 16,50 €
Spicy Nduja-salami, pepperonisalami and

Pizza Sompasaari (LL, *) 17,00 €
Shrimps, cold smoked salmon,
Buffalo-mozzarella and fresh dill

Italiano (LL, *) 16,50 €
Air-dried-ham, semi-dried-cherry tomatoes,
Buffalo-mozzarella and fresh pesto

Chèvre (LL, *) 15,50 €

Goat cheese, champignons, semi-dried-cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto, onion and arugula

Vegano (D, V, *) 15,50 €
Tomato sauce, vegan cheese,
marinated sweet pepper, champignons,

semi-dried-cherry tomatoes,
basil mayonnaise and arugula

Americano (L, *) 15,00 €
Smoked ham from Kivikylä, Aura blue cheese and
fresh pineapple

Quattro Stagioni (L, *) 15,00 €

Smoked ham from Kivikylä, fresh pineapple,
shrimps and champignons

Romero (L, *) 15,50 €

Pepperonisalamia, fresh pineapple,
shrimps and Aura blue cheese

Personale (L, *) 15,50 €

Pepperonisalamia, fresh pineapple,fresh tomato, onion and Aura blue cheese


Giovanni (L, *) 15,50 €

Pepperonisalamia, smoked ham from Kivikylä,
bolognese sauce and onion

Fantasia (L, *) 16,00 €

1–4 toppings of your choice

Available toppings
(as extra topping 2,00 € / per topping):

Smoked ham from Kivikylä, air-dried-ham,
pepperonisalami, spicy Nduja-salami, bacon,
bolognese sauce, chicken, champignon,
fresh pineapple, onion, jalapeño, fresh tomato, cold smoked salmon, shrimps,
chili marinated olives, tuna, Aura blue cheese, vegan cheese, goat cheese, Buffalo-mozzarella, basil, fresh dill, arugula, semi-dried-cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto, marinated sweet pepper, basil mayonnaise

We can make the pizza with a gluten free base
+ 2,00 € / per pizza

We can add garlic on the pizza free of charge.

All the pizzas are available with vegan cheese.

LL .....low lactose
L ….. lactose free
D ….. dairy free
V ….. vegan
G ….. gluten free
*….. Available gluten free



Wiener Nougat- chocolate cake (V,D,G) 9,00 €

Frozen cranberries with hot caramel sauce (L,G,available vegan) 7,00 €

Dolze artesan ice cream from Tillinmäki, Espoo 4,00 € / scoop

Please ask the waiter for flavours and vegan option

Any questions about allergies and dietary wishes concerning our menu will be happily answered by our staff.

VL = vähälaktoosinen, L = laktoositon, M = maidoton, V = vegaaninen, G = gluteeniton * = Saatavilla myös gluteenittomana