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Cold-smoked salmon, parmesan cheese and dark balsamic vinegar (L, G) € 8,00

Grilled tiger prawns (*MSC) and avocado salsa (D, G) € 6,00

Buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes with house-made fresh pesto (LL, G) € 6,00

Air-dried ham and honey melon (D, G) € 6,00

Chili marinated Kalamata olives (D, G) € 4,00

Rye bread with garlic and vegan aioli (D) € 5,00

Sweet potato fries with chilli mayonnaise (D, G) € 4,00

Snack sampler € 17,50
Cold-smoked salmon with parmesan cheese and dark balsamic vinegar, grilled tiger prawns (MSC), buffalo mozzarella and pesto, air-dried ham and honey melon, chilli marinated Kalamata olives

Starters, salads and soups

Starters, salads and soups

Escargots à la Weeruska (L, ask for a gluten free) €12,50
Escargots gratinated in Peltola Blue cheese and garlic, served with toasted bread

Halloumi salad (L, G) €9.50 / €15.00
Grilled halloumi cheese, semi-dry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, asparagus, avocado salsa, pomegranate, roasted pumpkin, pine nuts and lemon vinaigrette

Caesar salad naturel €9,00 / €13,50
Romaine lettuce, house Caesar dressing with finely aged Parmesan cheese and croutons

Add to your dish:
- Grilled chicken breast + €3,00 / + €5,00
- Grilled tiger prawns (*MSC) + €3,00 / + €5,00

Traditional salmon soup and rye bread (L) €11,00 / €16,50
Salmon, cream roasted rye bread, and butter

*) MSC / Marine Stewardship Council

Main courses


Crispy beetroot-quinoa patty (V, G) €22.00
Grilled cold smoked tofu, cauliflower pyre, spring cabbage, green beans and wine sorrel foam

Nettle risotto (L, G) €19.00
Fresh nettle, risotto and seasonal vegetables

From the grill

Wiener schnitzel (L) (* €19,00
Breaded pork schnitzel (140 g), lemon, anchovy, mashed potatoes and spring cabbage sauté with green beans

Hunter schnitzel (L) (* €19,00
Breaded pork schnitzel (140 g), wild mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and spring cabbage sauté with green beans

Additional schnitzel + €5,00

Sandwich Oscars style (L) (* €25.00
Grilled Finnish beef sirloin, Choron sauce, asparagus and tiger prawns

Grilled beef sirloin (L, G) €25,50
Finnish breed beef steak (200 g), red wine sauce, roasted potato with garlic, vegetables and garlic butter with herbs

Caesar beef sirloin (L) (* €26,50
Finnish breed beef steak (200 g), Caesar salad, fresh house pesto and sweet potato fries

Reindeer tenderloin (D, G) €29,50
Grilled reindeer tenderloin, morel-Madeira sauce, vegetables and roasted potatoes with herbs

Seasonal classics

Devil’s chicken (L, G) €20,50
Grilled chicken breast, roasted goat cheese, devil’s jam, red wine sauce, vegetables and roasted potatoes with herbs

Meatballs à la Weeruska (L, G) €19,00
Meatballs, lingonberries, pickled cucumbers from Myrttinen, mashed potatoes and creamy Jaloviina sauce

Sautéed reindeer (L, G) €25,00
Traditional reindeer stew, lingonberries, pickled cucumbers from Myrttinen and mashed potatoes

Fried vendaces (L) €19,00
Vendace crumbed in rye and fried in butter, served with slice of lemon, mashed potatoes and islanders’ sauce

Grilled beef liver (L, G) €18,50
Grilled beef liver, pan fried bacon and onion, cream sauce, lingonberries and mashed potatoes

Fish of the day, price of the day
Please ask the waiter for more information

Burgers à la Weeruska

Caesar-chicken burger (L, ask for a gluten free) €19,00
Open burger on house bread, grilled chicken breast, Caesar mayonnaise, Montrerey Jack cheese, Caesar salad, marinated red onion and sweet potato fries

Pub’s burger (L, ask for a gluten free) €19,00
Grilled Finnish 200 g Black Angus beef steak, Monterey Jack cheese, pickled cucumbers from Myrttinen, salad, bacon, marinated red onion, tomato, smoked chili mayonnaise and French fries

Surf & Turf buger (L, ask for a gluten free) €21,00
Grilled Finnish 200 g Black Angus beef steak, tiger prawns, tomato, Romesco sauce, salad, avocado and French fries

Beetroot-quinoa burger (V) €19.00
Beetroot-quinoa patty, vegan aioli, tomato, marinated red onion, vegan mozzarella, pickled cucumbers from Myrttinen, salad and sweet potato fries

Additional steak + €6,00


Premium pizzas

Pizza Bianco Funghi e Mascarpone (VL) €16,00
Roasted mushrooms, mascarpone, Buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onion truffle oil and arugula

Salmone affumicato e scampi (L) €18,00
Cold smoked salmon, marinated tiger prawns, caper, red onion, cream cheese, tomato sauce, and cheese

Vegano (V) €16,00
Artichoke, semi-dried tomatoes, zucchini, paprika, eggplant, fresh house pesto, Kalamata olives, Romesco sauce and vegan cheese


Capri (VL) €13,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, house pesto and arugula

Tonno & Sardellia (L) €14,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, tuna, anchovy, caper and olives

Quattro stagioni (L) €14,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, smoked ham, shrimps, fresh paprika and champions

Pollo (L) €15,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, chicken breast, bacon, Peltola Blue cheese, fresh pine apple and arugula

Italia (VL) €18,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, Spianata picante salami, Prosciutto, Buffalo mozzarella, Kalamata olives, arugula, house pesto and semi-dried tomatoes

Romero (L) €14,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, pepperoni, shrimps, fresh pineapple, Peltola Blue -cheese

Carne (L) €15,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, pepperoni, crispy bacon, onion, smoked ham, fresh jalapeño

Personale (L) €14,00
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, pepperoni, onion, fresh tomato, fresh pineapple and Peltola Blue -cheese

Fantasia (L) €16,00
1–4 toppings of your choice

Available toppings (€2,50 each as extra toppings):
Smoked ham, shrimp, onion, pineapple, double cheese, halloumi cheese, fresh tomato, caper, Peltola Blue cheese, fresh jalapeño, chicken breast, egg, house pesto, bacon, arugula, semi-dry tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, Kalamata olives, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber from Myrttinen, parsley, fresh champion, fresh paprika, Romesco sauce, (€3,50 each as extra toppings:) Napoli salami, Prosciutto – air-dried-ham, marinated tiger prawns

We can also make the pizza with a gluten-free base for which we will charge €2.00 per pizza.
We can add garlic on the pizza free of charge. All the pizzas available also with vegan cheese.

Drink recommendations

What's your summer drink

Hugo 8 €
Spumante, elderflower, mint

Jack & Ginger 9 €
Jack Daniels, Ginger ale, lime

Banana Cuba 9 €
Brugal Esperial rum

Aperol Spritz 9 €
Aperol, Spumante, orange

Seasonal draught flavour. Ask more from waiter

Zenato Bardolino Rosé 9 € / 16 cl

Sherwood Dry Apple Cider 7 € / 0,33 l

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