For children

For children

For children

Under 12 year old kids

Meatballs (L, G) 9,00 €
Meatballs with potato purée, cream sauce and salad

Frankfurters (L, G) 9,00 €
Frankfurters with country fries and salad

Pike perch (L, G) 9,00 €
Fried pike perch with potato purée,
sour cream and dill sauce

Minute steak (L, G) 9,00 €
Minute steak with country fries and salad

Cheese burger (L, *) 9,00 €
Finnish beef patty, Cheddar from Jukolan juusto,
ketchup and country fries

Pizza for kids 9,00 €
Two fillings of your choice
inc. tomato sauce and pizza cheese