Game weeks 15.9. – 31.12.2020

Traditional game weeks 15.9. – 31.12.2020

As a game week starter:

Smoked vendaces with horseradish dip and rye chips (L) 6,00 €

Game main courses:

Elk burger (L) 19,50 €
Grilled elk meat patty 150 g, smoked cheese, bacon and onion jam, pickled cucumber from Myrttinen, salad, lingonberry mayonnaise and root vegetable fries

Traditional sautéed reindeer (L, G) 24,50 €
Mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber from Myrttinen and lingonberries

Roasted noisette of reindeer calf roast (L, G) 29,50 €
Creamy game and cognac sauce with rosemary potatoes and butternut squash puré

Fried deer sausages (L) 19,50 €
Creamy barley with oven roasted root vegetables and gin mustard

Porcini risotto with oven roasted root vegetables and roasted bear salami (L, G) 19,80 €
(available vegan)

Game meatballs in creamy cognac and cream sauce (L, G) 18,50 €
Mashed potatoes, lingonberries and picled cucumber from Myrttinen

Pizza Jänkä (L) 19,00 €
Bear salami, sautéed reindeer, porcini, masarpone cream cheese sauce, crispy onion and
lingonberry mayonnaise

Sweet ending for your game meal:

Raspberry parfait with raspberries and hot fudge sauce (LL, G) 8,00 €