Food & Drink

Starters and snacks

Small Snacks
Russian pickles, dill-smetana and honey (L, G)
 Buffalamozzarella and tomatoes, Weeruska's own pesto (VL, G)
Grilled goat cheese and Weeruska’s devil’s jam (VL,G)
Chili-marinated shrimp and bread (M)
Rye bread with garlic and aioli (M, vegan)
Meatballs and chilimayonnaise (L,G)
Fried vendace and dill-smetana (L)
5€ / each

Cold smoked salmon, dill-smetana and pickled chantarell (M, G)

A snack plate
A changing selection of snacks (3 different)

Garlic-bluecheese gratinated snails
House bread VL,(G)

Weeurska's salad
Fresh salads, marinated red onion, melon, pineapple, tomato, bell pepper and lemon vinegrette
10€/16€ M,G, vegan

Cheese salad
Grilled halloumi cheese, buffalamozzarella, fresh salads, marinated red onion, melon, bell pepper and lemon vinegrette

Arctic char salad 
Grilled arctic char, fresh salads, marinated red onion, melon, pickled chantarell and lemon vinegrette

Caesar salad (naturel) (L, G)
Crispy romaine salad, Caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan cheese (Caesar dressing includes fish)

Additional topping according to your choice
Chicken breast fillet L,(G) 18€

Salmon soup (VL, G)
Full and creamy salmon soup, toasted rye bread and real butter

Vegetarian and fish dishes

Chanterelle risotto and mushroom pickle L,G 17,5€
Chanterelles, parmesan and cream cheese

  • Choose a topping
     Arctic chair 23€

Beetroot steaks and goat cheese (VL, G) 17€
Beet root steaks, grilled goat cheese served with roots, fried rosmary potatoes and devil's jam

Smoked salmon(L, G) 23€
Slightly smoked salmon with creamy mushroom sauce
Served with mashed potato, roots and pickled chantarell


Weeruska’s homemade meatballs (L, G) 17€
 Meatballs made By traditional recipe, Jaloviina - cream sauce, pickled cucumber, lingonberry and mashed potato

Reindeer stew (VL, G) 20€
Traditional reindeer stew with lingonberry, pickled cucumber and mashed potato

Weeruska’s potato hash (L) 17,5€
Legendary creamy potato hash with bacon, meatballs, sausages, potatoes, onion, pickles, marinated red onion and fried egg

Traditionally fried vendace (L, G) 17€
Vendace breaded in rye flour and fried in real butter, slice of lemon, dill-smetana and mashed potatoes

Devil’s chicken (L, G) 19€
Chicken fillet with roasted goat cheese, Weeruska’s devil’s jam, roots and French fries

Grilled liver (L, G) 17,5€
Beef liver slices with cream sauce, fried onion, bacon, lingonberry and mashed potatoes

Pub's burger (L) 18€
 Finnish Black Angus burger steak 200g, burger roll, salad, bacon, marinated red onion, Monterey Jack cheese, pickles, chili mayo and French fries

From the barbeque

Chili schnitzel L,(G)
Breaded pork schnitzel, jalapenos, fried bacon and onion, chili-bbq sauce and
country style french fries

Hunters schnitzel VL,(G)
Breaded pork schnitzel, creamy mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes

House Wienerschnitzel L,(G)
Breaded pork schnitzel, lemon wedge, capers and grilled onion, anchovy
and mashed potatoes

Choose size of the schnitzel
120g 15€
200g 19€

Cesar steak (L,G) 26€
 Grilled sirloin steak (200g), caesar salad, garlic butter and sweet potatoe fries

Grilled steak (L, G) 25€
Grilled sirloin steak (200g), red wine sauce, garlic butter, roots and country style french fries

Pepper steak (L, G) 32€
 Tenderloin steak (200g), jaloviina-peppersauce, fried rosemary potatoes and roots

Weeruska’s burgers

CAESAR-CHICKEN BURGER (L)  18€            
House bread fried in butter, grilled chicken fillet, caesar mayonnaise, Monterey Jack cheese, caesarsalad, marinated red onion and sweet potatoe fries (Caesar mayonnaise includes fish)

Sesam roll, grilled halloum cheese, fresh pineapple, devils jam, tomato, salad, marinated red onion and country style french fries

Seesam roll, pulled oumph spiced up with chili, vegan garlic mayonnaise, salad, tomato, marinated red onion and sweet potatoe fries

Fresh hamburger steak of Black Angus, burger roll, salad, bacon, marinated red onion, Montrey Jack cheese, pickled cucumber, chili mayonnaise and country style french fries

Seesam roll, two fresh burger steaks from Roslund (à 200g), chilimayonnaise, Montrey Jack cheese, chili sauce, salad, marinated red onion, tomato, pickeled cucumber and country style french fries

Weeruska’s pizzas

Capri (VL) (vegetarian) 13€
Mozzarella, fresh tomato, Weeruska’s pesto and rocket salad

Alppipuisto (L) (vegetarian) 13€
Fresh tomato, fresh mushroom, fresh bell pepper, artichoke and Weeruska’s pesto

Pollo (L) 14€ 
Chicken, bacon, blue cheese, pineapple and rocket salad

Quattro stagioni (L) 13€
Ham, shrimp, fresh sweet pepper and fresh mushrooms

Romero (L) 13€
Pepperoni salami, shrimp, pineapple and blue cheese

Carne (L) 13€
Pepperoni salami, crispy bacon, onion, egg and jalapenos

Personale (L) 13€
Pepperoni salami, onion, fresh tomato, pineapple and blue cheese

Italiano (L) 15€
Parma ham, sun-dried tomato, artichoke and rocket salad

Chorizo (VL) 14€
Chorizo sausage, mozzarella and rocket salad

Pescetaria (L) 14€
Cold smoked salmon, tuna fish, shrimps, olives and rucola

Weeruska’s pizza (VL) 15€
Cold smoked salmon, mozzarella, capers and rocket salad

Vegan (M) (vegan) 15€
vegan cheese, pulled chili-oumph, onion, tomato, bell pepper

Fantasia 15€
1-4 toppings of your choice

ham, pepperoni salami, shrimp, onion, fresh pineapple, double cheese, tunafish, tomato, sweet pepper, mushroom, capers, blue cheese, fresh jalapeno, goat cheese, chicken, egg, pesto, bacon, artichoke, rocket salad, sun-dried tomato, parma ham, chorizo sausage, mozzarella, anchovy, BBQ sauce

Extra toppings
Pizza toppings as extra toppings + EUR 2.50

All pizzas can also be made with a gluten-free pizza base + EUR 2,00

The personnel will provide you with further information regarding allergenic ingredients in the food.